Eisenhower Needs Amy Chua's Publicist—Plus, W.I.B. On Tv! (War Is Business Business)

As promised, here’s the clip of my appearance last night on The Alyona Show.

After the cut, be sure to catch this really sharp Al Jazeera English report on the defense industry media. I make a brief cameo at the end.

This aired Saturday on The Listening Post, and was produced by Jason Mojica, who put together that “business of war” segment for MTV I posted last week.

The segment, which begins at the 12:30 mark, correctly identifies the intrinsic problem with most arms trade journals: Namely, that “the people they write about are the same people they write for.”

Did you know that a good share of the French news media has been bought up by Dassault, the aerospace and defense firm? It may be old news in France, but it was news to me. [rssless][visitor]


[gravityform id=6 title=false description=false ajax=true field_values=‘Registered=No&compname=Dassault&compplace=France’]

[/visitor][/rssless] Of course, Dassault is just following the public relations playbook of General Electric, a $3.4-billion-a-year US military contractor that owns NBC Universal, the parent company of NBC News. Media activist groups such as FAIR been agitating about the dangers of corporate control of the press for a long time.

In that context, this 30-second spot on the NBC Nightly News must be seen as some kind of feeble rebellion by Brian Williams, aka, that guy who’s always on The Daily Show. Click the screen shot to watch the clip (via Tim Shorrock). Don’t blink, though, or you might miss it.

I guess the producers had to leave all the room they could for that piece on the announcement of a new 31-oz. drink by Starbucks, and the obligatory segment on the “Tiger Mother.”