Another E Bay Arms Trader Busted

I just posted on this over at Willamette Week. Geoffrey B. Roose, a self-described three-tour U.S. Army veteran from Oregon, was arrested last week following a sting by Homeland Security agents who stumbled across his eBay store, where he was selling restricted (and apparently stolen) Trijicon military rifle scopes.

Roose’s eBay username: “mr.f.u.up.”

Investigators got a hold of Roose’s emails. In one, he reacted defensively to a prospective customer on eBay who pointed out that he appeared to be dealing in stolen government property.

“You know what man,” Roose began,

I spent three tours overseas and it isn’t my responsibility to police the world. … Take a load off and try worrying about your life, not stupid federal ITAR rules or stolen property. There is more government property wasted in a dumpster overseas then [sic] you will ever see on ebay. Sorry to be rude, but it’s the god honest truth. … Check feedback before you accuse someone of potentially having stolen property. Deal with it, it happens. It’s your tax dollars.