Bout’S Bankers

Arms dealer extrordanaire Viktor Bout is supposed to be arraigned today in a US federal courthouse in Manhattan, following his extradition from Thailand.

The indictment filed against Bout earlier this year is filled with details about his complex worldwide operation. Following an international freeze on Bout’s companies and assets in 2004, he allegedly created a new network of shell companies to keep his business going.

In addition to illegal arms trading, Bout and his associate, Richard A Chichakli, also stand accused of money-laundering. The indictment names the banks that allegedly facilitated the transfer of at least $1.7 million on behalf of Bout’s enterprise. Some of those banks are household names.

Below are the names of a few of Bout’s alleged shell companies, along with their account numbers at relevant banks; the feds have requested that any assets connected with those accounts be forfeited.

RP Aviation Inc


Wachovia Bank [now Wells Fargo]

John G. Stumpf, chairman and CEO (not pictured)

(At the time of Bout’s transfers, Wachovia was led by G. Kennedy “Ken” Thompson, pictured.)

Insured Aircraft Title Services


International Bank of Commerce

Dennis E. Nixon, chairman and CEO

Aviation Refinancing Transaction LLC


Deutsche Bank

Clemens Börsig, chairman (pictured far right)

Josef Ackermann, CEO (inside right)

Aventura Aviation LLC



Israel Discount Bank of New York

Michael Goldstein, chairman

Reuven Spiegel, CEO