The Ledger: Usaid $$$$ Mia

$5.2 million is how much of a $329 million USAID contract with Development Alternatives, Inc., may have wound up in Taliban hands, according to an audit. Zahid Elahi, pictured, is DAI’s Pakistan director; the Los Angeles Times says US government auditors found signs of “pervasive fraud” in the company’s Jalalabad office.

$10 billion is the size of a five-year US State Department security contract to be shared with Blackwater’s latest front company, “International Development Solutions,” Wired reports.

$1 million is how much legal liability the US government could accept on behalf of a defense contractor before notifying Congress, under a new bill proposed by US Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Democrat of Oregon. He’s targeting KBR.

$100 million is the threshold for Congressional notification of “other defense articles and services” traded between the US and UK, under the two countries’ defense agreement, now up for renewal.

$600 million is how much more the US Veterans Affairs Department spent on medical prosthetics in 2009 than in 2005; spending on prosthetics grew 10 percent faster than the number of veterans in the VA program.