By Popular Demand: Full Rss Feeds

A number of readers have complained about the truncated RSS feeds for certain posts. As a publisher, my initial reaction is to say, “well, tough.” But as an RSS booster with hundreds of subscriptions in my own reader, I ultimately couldn’t bear my own hypocrisy.

Praise be to God and rejoice: Full feeds are back, for all posts.

With the recent introduction of aggregated items, the tempo of this site has picked up. To keep the feed manageable, I’ve tweaked some settings so readers can tell right away whether something is an original W.I.B. story or something we’ve (gag) “curated.” Here’s what to look for:

I know that for some people, the steady flow of sarcasm W.I.B.-certified Investment Advice—which ranges between 3 and 10 quickie posts a day—is too much of a good thing. If you’d prefer to follow a less frequently updated feed, one that only shows W.I.B.’s original work, subscribe using this link instead.

Personally, I don’t think 10 posts a day is too much for a news site that covers a beat as big as the global arms trade. Given the budget to hire enough reporters, I’d have 100 items a day. Until then, a good deal of care goes into the selection of those aggregated items, which represent maybe 1/50th of the war-and-business-related news I follow. In other words, I sift through a lot of crap to find the rare stuff worth knowing about—and when I find something good, I pass it on.

For that reason I’ll continue to recommend the full feed. Subscribe here if you’re not already.

While we’re on the subject: The truly hopeless, un-rehabbable news junkies out there should definitely follow @warisbusiness on Twitter. That feed contains all of our original stories, links to all the aggregated items, plus a lot more news we think is worth checking out, faster than it appears on the site.

Another favor to ask: It took some creative coding to get the full RSS feeds to play nice with the custom architecture of this site. If you notice any annoying bugs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Finally, if you’re one of those RSS readers who never clicks through to the website—I know you’re out there—consider making a donation.